Hot Pursuit Of Happiness

Now out on Personal Archive Records!

HPOH is Thollem’s moniker for his new 21st Century one-human band. HPOH’s first album This Day’s Called Tuesday, coming out on Personal Archives Records in August, explores the slippery nature of objective reality, love and justice in a violently polarized world. It’s also a really fun ride! Thollem will be touring it on the West Coast in August and internationally after that. Following his work with his Italian punk band Tsigoti, and Hand To Man Band (Dieterich, Watt, Barnes), this is Thollem as a singer-songwriter, live beat maker and producer all rolled up into one. These original songs, recorded and performed in real time, include layers of sounds that Thollem manipulates in thrilling and unexpected ways to accompany his vocals that “knot together philosophical koans about the nature of existence.” (Iggy Pot, LiveEye TV) Though Thollem’s been inspired and influenced by many artists and music over the years, some of the references others have mentioned in response to this album include Stereolab, Bauhaus, Tom Waits, Liars, Red Krayola, Richard Youngs, Larry Young, Alan Silva, Scott Walker, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Tom Tom Club, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Leonard Cohen, Aphex Twin, Arthur Russell, David Sylvian and Pere Ubu.

“An intense and virtuosic keyboardist”
– TimeOut, New York

On Green Arrow Radio: “Thollem & I get deep into his new 21st Century one-man band project, Hot Pursuit Of Happiness’s (HPOH) debut album ‘This Day’s Called Tuesday’. IMO, this is a special release that has many parts to its whole – many times over. It has a bit of it all for you…and WE.”

“With Thollem everything is always on the table. HPOH sees him turning singer/songwriter in the broadest sense of the term.”
– Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis

“Civic duty and the Nation’s health, particularly the state of Democracy, take center stage. Thollem’s music, a seamless mix of the blues, jazz, protest music, punk rock, and now pop, has always been animated by this fundamental concern.”
Iggy Pot, LiveEye TV

“Thollem Electric might be a musician, or he might be some kind of wizard scientist…”
– The Denver Westword

“Fearlessly eclectic!”
– Ernie Paik, Chattanooga Pulse

“This album is DOPE. Reminds me a lot of some of my favorite stuff. For a bit I even forgot what I was listening to in the van. I thought it was KAOS radio.  ‘Wow, is this LIARS? Hey, is that the Red Krayola?…Who’s playing Richard Youngs on a Monday morning?! I wanna meet this DJ.’  Not at all what I expected (except I guess I was expecting the unexpected).”
– Markly Morrison, Low Profile Podcast

“These original songs include layers of sounds that Thollem manipulates in thrilling and unexpected ways to accompany his vocals that ‘knot together philosophical koans about the nature of existence.’
– Iggy Pot, LIVEEYE TV

Upcoming shows for HPOH

Aug 11th (Seattle, WA) @ The Royal Room – plus Thollem/DuRoche and Worlds In A Life
Aug 14th (Bolinas, CA) @ Smiley’s
Sept 9th (Detroit, MI) @ Trinosophes
Sept 17th (Amsterdam) @ de (roze) Tanker in Noord
Oct 22nd (Leverano, IT) @ Associazione Mujmune
September – December (Europe)
For Thollem’s Other Dates