“A forward vocal delivery that comes a-swingin’ right out of the gate.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

Though Thollem is primarily known in the experimental music world as a pianist and electronic musician, he’s also had a prolific career as a songwriter and singer. Thollem’s been releasing albums both solo and with various bands, most notably with his Italian punk band Tsigoti and The Hand To Man Band (Mike Watt, John Dieterich and Tim Barnes). In 2016, his post-mortem collaborations with Andy Kaufman Always Put On Your Sincere Face and his first solo songs album Machine in the Ghost were published by Personal Archives. “These two totally disparate entries into Thollem’s catalog are great reminders of his fluidity as an artist…” – Ryan Masteller, Critical Masses. Last year Personal Archives also released Hot Pursuit Of Happiness, Thollem’s newest solo effort, and this year Tsigoti’s No Vacation From Poverty was released on Off-Set Records. “Thollem knots together philosophical koans about the nature of existence.” – Iggy Pot, LiveEye TV

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Godammit Tommy!
GDT! is an autobiographical project about Thollem’s particular brand of dysfunctional family
set against the backdrop of political and cultural events from 1967 to 1994.

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“Equally at home in the worlds of jazz, punk, noise and modern classical.”
– Gabe Vodicka, Athens Flagpol​e

In the rockin’ world Thollem has performed and recorded with members of Deerhoof, The Minutemen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Half Japanese, Wilco, Unwound, Old Time Relijun, Cibo Matto, The Stooges, Jealousy Party, Stars Like Fleas, Tenderizor, A Love Electric, Turning Jewels Into Water, Can and more.

Hand to Man Band with Mike Watt, John Dieterich and Tim Barnes
Tsigoti with Andrea Caprara, Jacopo Andreini and Piero Spitilli

Vocal Releases

​• Tsigoti: No Vacation From Poverty with Andrea Caprara, Piero Spitilli, Jacopo Andreini (Offset Records, 2023)    
Songs Compilation (Bandcamp, 2018) 
​• Thollem/Kaufman: Always Put On Your Sincere Face Post-mortem collaboration with Andy Kaufman (Personal Archives, 2016)
Solo: Machine in The Ghost (Personal Archives, 2016)
Tsigoti: Read Between The Lines…Think Outside Them with Andrea Caprara, Piero Spitilli, Jacopo Andreini (Post-Consumer Records, 2013)
Whistling Joy Jumpers: Surprising Wooden Clocks with Jad Fair & Brian Chase (Thick Syrup Records, 2013)

Tsigoti: Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again with Andrea Caprara, Matteo Bennici, Jacopo Andreini (Post-Consumer Records, 2012)
Hand To Man Band: You’re Always On Our Minds with Mike Watt, Tim Barnes and John Dieterich (Post-Consumer Records, 2012)
Tsigoti: Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party with Andrea Caprara, Matteo Bennici, Jacopo Andreini (ESP-Disk, 2010)
Tsigoti: The Brutal Reality Of Modern Brutality with Andrea Caprara, Matteo Bennici, Jacopo Andreini (Edgetone Records, 2008)
Thollem/Rivera:  I’ll Meet You Halfway Out In The Middle Of It All with Rick Rivera (Edgetone Records, 2005)