Worlds In A Life

A live remix of the 4 Thollem/Cline trios on a multi-timbral synthesizer. The performance includes samples from their albums with William Parker, Michael Wimberly, Pauline Oliveros and Terry Riley. This concept was born out of the process of mixing The Light Is Real on the Wavestate which Thollem will be using for this performance. The albums include: ‘Gowanus Sessions I and II’ with William Parker (Porter Records and ESP_disk), ‘Molecular Affinity’ with Pauline Oliveros (Roaratorio), ‘The Light Is Real’ with Terry Riley (ESP_disk), and ‘Radical Empathy’ and ‘Reality and Other Imaginary Places’ with Michael Wimberly (Relative Pitch and ESP_disk).
This concept was a natural progression born out of the process of mixing the new album with Terry. With Thollem in New Mexico and Terry in Japan, the duo recorded vocal improvisations remotely. Thollem then made samples of these recordings and mixed them in real time through his synthesizer. This piqued a curiosity about composing with the samples from the album itself and by extension the entire series of trios.

Using beefy chording at kinetic speeds that would be recognized by Oscar Peterson, McDonas turns the nearly 16-minute “Lives” into the CD’s climax.
– Ken Waxman, NY City Jazz Record

Glaring expressionism coupled with rip-roaring layers of acoustic-electric sound-sculpting maneuvers.
– Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz, NY

“Church jams and death rays, soap operas and noir escapes, psychedelia and electrocutions.
– Greg Burk, MetalJazz

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